Friday, August 8, 2014

Hello LaPorte County!

Hello! Welcome to the OFFICIAL United Way of LaPorte County blog! We are so excited to finally be out here in the blogosphere, connecting with all of you wonderful people!

My name is Kris Pate, I am the Executive Director here at United Way of LaPorte County, and we will be using this blog to help engage, empower, and inform our community. We want to share the good news in LaPorte County with you; empower you to make positive change right here at home; and keep you informed on the issues that affect us all. Above all,
We Are Going to Be Positive! There are so many wonderful things here in LaPorte County and so much potential for our community to grow, and we want to talk about THAT!

So let’s get started!

First, some good...

We would like to congratulate our very own Dave Sisk, Manager of Community Engagement, for his Good Life Award from our friends at Ideas In Motion Media.

“Dave is passionate about the United Way, passionately appreciative of what we we’re doing on behalf of the United Way, and generally just positive and happy to be alive. Dave did not just say thanks, he has helped us communicate and connect to tons of people. Dave is the kind of guy that just makes you want to work hard,” said Chris Mahlmann of Ideas In Motion.

We are very proud of Dave and so glad his hard work and dedication is being recognized by others. Way to Live United, Dave!

We would also like to tell you about Mark Keen. Mark joined us as an AmeriCorps Volunteer this past year. Not only did he help connect local agencies and volunteers to opportunities through the United Way Regional Volunteer Center, he and our other AmeriCorps, Alex Buchannan, spearheaded the Community Garden project planning in the city of LaPorte.

We are proud to announce that Mark will be joining Centier Bank in their accounting department at their headquarters in Merrillville this fall. Mark definitely knows what it means to Live United, and we wish him all the best on his new adventure!

And now, we need your help...

The food pantries of our local Salvation Armies are dangerously low on non-perishable food items, and we need your help to replenish them. These are OUR pantries. We’re not talking about feeding people in other counties or states. These are our neighbors, friends, and maybe even our own family members.

More than 700 people count on their local Salvation Army pantry to help make ends meet each week. With their shelves at dangerously low levels, the pantries won’t be able to feed those in need for much longer. Without your help, that is…

Here is where you come in… Imagine how much food it takes to feed 700 people. That’s a big job for just one group to handle. But we’re not just one group. We Are LaPorte County!

Imagine that every adult in LaPorte County gave 2 non-perishable good to their local Salvation Army food pantry. With just over 91,000 adults currently in LPC, we would collect 182,000 non-perishable food items!

Now, we know that not everyone can give; but we also know that those who can give are generous in LaPorte County. Working together, we have made many positive changes here. This is just one more great thing that we can do together to help our community thrive. So, if you can give, please join us in supporting our local food banks and help us to replenish their pantries. Whether it’s one can or one hundred cans, every little bit helps! That’s how we LIVE UNITED in LPC.

Well, I hope these few bits of good news and our call for action with the local food pantries will inspire you to give, advocate, and volunteer for the things you’re passionate about in our community. If you would like some help finding a cause to champion or a place to volunteer, connect with us. We would love to hear about your aspirations for our community and help you get involved. Let’s take action for positive change! In LaPorte County, we ARE better together!

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